22 October 2008


we did a bunch of the deliberations yesterday. We have 3 more shows to see so it's not final but it's close. It was CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!
41 Awards
20 shows
41 opinions
2 hours of MAYHEM!!!!!

we didn't use the tally that we had created on the evaluation forms, thinking some discussion would be interesting. and if you find 41 people shouting out their opinions interesting then it was interesting but it didn't resemble a discussion.

it was tough enough in Toronto when we had a jury of 13, this was @#%&* insane.

So we've gone back and did a straight tally to determine the winners. It's fair but doesn't involve much in the way of deliberations but I think a lot of discussion has been happening amongst the jury members

two more days before the ceremony. 3 more shows. One is the Tim Etchells show with the cast of kids. I'm really interested to see what the jury makes of that.

HI JURY!!!!!!