29 August 2014


Last night, we had A LOT of fun. I think the (many) pictures below speak for themselves...

Here we are in the car en route to the Kunstmuseum Bochum to see, well, Kunstmuseum - a new installation by Gregor Schneider. The jury brought... CANDY!!!! 

28 August 2014

Sunday in Duisburg at De Materie

Sunday afternoon, after a morning at the Museum Folkwang, we took another jury to see De Materie in Duisburg. I LOVE this group shot - here we are in the lobby before the show!

26 August 2014

THE FEAR: When artists are afraid of kids

All artists are informed ahead of time of the kids' attendance at their shows, especially when they will sit in the front row of the audience. In some cases, the artists aren't too keen, and request or demand they don't sit up-front, fearing--only fearing, of course--that they might be loud, disrupt the performers, and potentially ruin the whole performance.

Recently, the jury attended a show where, well, let's just say, the artists weren't thrilled about their presence. They didn't want the kids sitting in the first row, and were averse to an announcement of their arrival. This type of situation is complicated for us, the festival and the artists to deal with, and raises a whole slew of questions in trying to solve it. Who gets what they want? Who wins? We don't want to upset anyone, but we also have our own show to run--the CCA jury is, after all, a performance within the festival itself, the artists players within it. 

25 August 2014

Fun times at the Folkwang

On a bright and early Sunday morning, we returned to the Museum Folkwang in Essen to take another jury to critique the exhibition Eine Einstellung zur Arbeit. We had lots of fun running and jumping around the parking lot before we went in....

Jury hands

20 Pianos and a PARTY in Essen

Ladies and gents, on Saturday night we headed to Essen for 20 Pianos! Here's the jury doin' their thing outside.

Melt - Das Künstlergespräch

24 August 2014

Sänger ohne Schatten, aka The Spaghetti Show

It's Friday night, at the end of the first week of school. We headed out to see Sänger ohne Schatten, the new piece by Boris Nikitin, but arrived early, and were stuck in the car in the rain. What else to do? Put on some tunes, turn them up loud and have an AUTO PARTY.

23 August 2014

A Second Visit to Le Sacre Du Printemps

Thursday - and we're back at it. A new group of kids headed to Duisburg to see Castellucci's Le Sacre Du Printemps and judge it for the second time. Here are the girls from Herten!


Verklärte Nacht - Gespräch mit Samantha Van Wissen

A ROMANTIC Evening with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

On Sunday, we closed the opening weekend by attending a performance of Verklärte Nacht, a dance-piece by choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. Set to beautiful music by Schönberg and a poem about a woman finding true love (while pregnant with another man's child!), there was romance in the air of the Jahrhunderthalle.

The girls from Osterfeld!

20 August 2014


Q&A mit Romeo Castellucci

Late nights out: 11pm Nachtkonzert

On Saturday night, to top off an epic day of THREE shows, the jury headed out LATE for an 11pm concert with Ensemble Morton, performing For Philip Guston by Morton Feldman.

Here is the jury, walking and ROCKING the red carpet!

19 August 2014

Le Sacre du Printemps - an afternoon with Castellucci

On Saturday afternoon, after the Folkwang Museum, some french fries and a run around the Landschaftspark, we walked the red carpet at Le Sacre du Printemps, a new performance by Italian director Romeo Castellucci.

18 August 2014

Folkwang Museum, POMMES and a tower climb!

Saturday morning we had a date with Museum Folkwang to see the exhibition Eine Einstellung zur Arbeit. First we had to put magnets on the cars - here's Ken getting creative

17 August 2014

A Friday Night Premiere - De Materie

After spending the afternoon at Melt, the jury made an appearance at one of the Ruhrtriennale's biggest shows this year: De Materie. To kick it off, they walked the red carpet in front of dozens of people!

A selfie with Castellucci

There are more photos to come, but here's a great one from yesterday: Ken taking a selfie with Romeo Castellucci, director of Le Sacre du Printemps.

MELT-ing, in the rain

On Friday, we got the premiere day underway with a visit to Urbane Künste's installation at Duisburg's Landschaftspark, Melt. Unfortunately, the installation is outside--and it was pouring rain. Nonetheless, we made the most of it, and the jury were the first members of the public to test it out!

Melt is made of 49 (not 50, we were told!) aluminum plates with nearly 2000 steel springs underneath that make it bounce-y and fun to walk, jump and run on. Here are our tentative first steps - what the photos don't reveal is how LOUD this piece is.... (stay tuned for videos to see!)

16 August 2014


After the premiere of De Materie on Friday, we went with the kinder jury to the Ruhrtriennale's opening party, where we met the people, got to know each other a little better and kicked back a LOT of sugary drinks.

The man taking cool to a whole new level - 

15 August 2014

WELCOME TO THE RUHRTRIENNALE 2014: Starting with.... "Doing Kitchen"

We're back in the Ruhr for year three of the Children's Choice Awards! Look out for the cars on the autobahn, as we'll be ALLLL over the region the next 7 weeks chauffeuring the VIP's around.

For our first jury visit of 2014, we headed to Duisburg for the frietagsküche's "Doing Kitchen," a performance/meal where artists, performers and kids get to hang out and eat together ahead of the festival's official start. With a full meal included, we were feeling pretty optimistic that this performance would go over well from the start.

Here are 2 VIP's from Essen, posing with their VIP wheels to get the show started!

04 July 2014

Und Workshop #2 in der Parkschule Essen!

Die Show, die noch üben muss. Ein super Preis, finden wir!

Rosa Parks Schule - Workshop #2

Auch in der Schule in Osterfeld war die Tafel schnell mit zahlreichen Preiskategorien beschrieben. Danach wurden die VIP-Schilder für die Jury-Autos gestaltet - natürlich mit Glitzer, Glitzer, Glitzer.

Max hat den Workshop mit einer Panoramaaufnahme festgehalten. 

Preiskategorien-VIP-Schilder-Glitzer-Workshop in Herten

02 July 2014

Workshop, Workshop, Workshops

Die Ruhrtriennale 2014 beginnt in 44 Tagen!!!
 Ihr kennt das Spiel, eine neue Festivaljury wird gewählt und bereitet sich intensiv für ihre künftige Arbeit vor. Sie wählt Preise, diskutiert und bastelt VIP-Schilder. Diese Jahr sind Schüler und Schülerinnen der Rosa Parks Schule in Herten, Parkschule Essen und Gesamtschule Osterfeld in der Jury der Children's Choice Awards.

Workshop #1 - Soziale Kunst

20 November 2013

Round-a-bout in Essen

Moves in Mülheim

What's Shakin' in Duisburg

Debrief - Hallo Gladbeck!!

We visited ALL the schools last week for a hello/goodbye and CCA year-end debrief.
They each made a video--here they are!

15 October 2013

Die Preisverleihung der Children's Choice Awards 2013

Nachträglich noch ein paar Bilder von der Preisverleihung. Die Fotos hat Stephan Glagla geschossen. Am 6. Oktober wurden 30 Awards von den 94 Jurymitgliedern verliehen und viele Künstler sowie Repräsentanten kamen um ihre Preise entgegen zu nehmen. Ministerin Löhrmann und die Sponsoren von der Sparkasse aus NRW und Stiftung Mercator schauten sich ebenfalls die Veranstaltung an. Die Jury hat die Bühne mit ihren selbsterdachten Preisen, den Begründungen und einigen Talentacts gerockt!!

Eine leere Tribüne, einige Fakten über CCA 2013 und viele Zuschauer, die gespannt auf die Jury warten

10 October 2013


We don't have any photos from the ceremony or party yet, but we do have this video from one of the GREATEST DANCE PARTIES Deutschland has ever seen.


07 October 2013

The Children's Choice Awards der Ruhtriennale 2013

Die Children's Choice Awards 2013 wurden verliehen. Gestern fand die feirliche Preisverleihung in der Gebläsehalle in Duisburg statt. Den Preis "Das Beste vom Besten" räumte Rimini Protokoll mit ihrem neuen Projekt Situation Rooms ab.

Situation Rooms - Das Beste vom Besten und
                               Die spannendste Aufführung, die so spannend war, dass ich keinen Moment                                            verpassen wollte

Test Pattern - Der meiste Stromverbrauch und
                        Einfach nur wow!

WWW 2013 - Schönstes Bühnenbild

Delusion of the Fury - Die schlimmsten Kostüme

CRACKz - Bester Körper

Ikon of Light - Die berührendste Show

Silence, Exile, Deceit - Die Show, die so spannend war, dass ich mitmachen wollte

Das Mädchen mit den Schwefelhölzern - Das gruseligste Make-Up und
                                                                     Die langsamste Show

Metropolis - Die Show mit den ältesten Künstlern

Levée des Conflits - Die Show, in der ich vor Schweiß wegschwimmen musste!!

Sinking of the Titanic - Die Show, in der ich am schnellsten eingeschlafen bin

Stifters Dinge (The Unguided Tour) - Die Show, in der ich dachte WTF???

Fault Lines - Die Show, in der Musik und Tanz nicht zusammen gepasst haben

Nowhere & Everywhere - Bester Regisseur

Audio Graffiti - Die coolsten Töne

Last Adventures - Die Show mit den verrücktesten Leuten, verrücktesten Klamotten und der                                              verrücktesten Musik

Partita 2 - Die Show, in der ich keine Gefühle hatte

In Absentia - Die Musik, die so langweilig war, dass ich mich gefragt habe, ob das überhaupt noch                              Musik ist

Laughing Hole - Achtung: PEINLICHKEIT!! und
                            Die Show, in der mein Trommerlfell geplatzt ist

Stifters Dinge - Ich will das Ding haben!

Glasgow - Die Show, die irgendwie cool war, aber auch so langweilig, dass ich fast während des                             gesamten Stückes gemalt habe

Vortex Temporum - Die verrückteste Gestik

Tower - So etwas wäre mir im Leben nicht eingefallen

Agora/Arena - Die Show, in der ich mich verliebt habe

Abdelnour/Battus - Ohen Worte

Freitagsküche - Die ranzigste Umgebung, aus der die Produktion aber viel gemacht hat

04 October 2013

LAST SHOW: Vortex Temporum

On Thursday we went to our LAST SHOW for CCA 2013!! We headed to the Jahrhunderthalle in Bochum for choreographer Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker's new piece, Vortex Temporum.

Here we are in the car for the last ride!

01 October 2013

Improv Concert at Maschinenhaus

Monday night: a trip to the Maschinenhaus in Essen for a concert by improv duo Christine Abdelnour
and Pascal Battus. We couldn't wait to find out what the jury would think of their unique saxophone/"rotating surface" improv/sound art performance....

Here we are picking up the jury in Mülheim!

30 September 2013

Saturday night @ Ikon of Light

Saturday night was a pretty epic night at Ikon of Light, a concert featuring works by John Tavener and Arvo Pärt, performed by ChorWerk Ruhr and Ensemble Resonanz. It was our first CCA trip to Dortmund but I don't think the long trip is the reason there was 502 photos on the camera by the end of the night... (a new CCA record?) Here's about 60 of them... welcome to the CRAZY.

some pretty nice autobahn light... starting off the theme of the night

29 September 2013

Q&A - Ikon of Light

Saturday Night

On our longest drive of the year, the CCA cars passed each other on the highway. Our black-van caravan was mistaken for an official government entourage. We sang to music on a CD made by one of the kids and blared it as we waved to passing cars. Without an announcement, the jury got spontaneous applause as they entered to take their seats. The kids talked to strangers and took their photos. The singers from the first half approached the kids to chat during the pause. I tried to convince the kids that Canadian kleenex is the same as German tissue but promised to post some anyway. The jury got free bread and pretzels just by asking! One kid yelled "Bravo" as the instrumentalists sat down to start to play. We heard the loudest stomach grumble in the history of the world. Three kids gave the show a standing ovation. Others were thrilled it was over. We sat on stage in the performers' chairs to meet the conductor and four musicians. The kids asked them what animal they would be if they had the choice. One kid got to hold a cello. Others asked for autographs. We danced and sang our hearts out to Dirty Dancing outside, possibly disrupting a wedding reception. We saw a rat. We almost got locked in our parking lot. We taught each other German and English the whole car ride back. There were 502 photos on the camera when I got home. 

It was CCA just the way it's meant to be. It was AWESOME.

28 September 2013

It's Friday night and where else would we be? At the performance hall of course... this time to see music by Jonathan Harvey and Alban Berg at the Jahrhunderthalle in Bochum.

Here we are in the foyer with Dan Perjovschi's www 2013...

26 September 2013


This week, all FOUR schools in this year's CCA made their trophies for the big ceremony--coming up SOON!!! (October 6 at the Gelbäsehalle in Duisburg, in case you forgot) Here they are... and we have to say, they look PRETTY fantastic this year!

In Mülheim an der Ruhr...

Ein Brief von Robert Wilson!!!!

Robert Wilson hat geantwortet!!! Letzte Woche hatte die Klasse der Erich-Kästner-Schule einen Brief an Robert Wilson geschrieben, in dem sie sich für das Künstlergespräch bedankten. Gestern erhielt die Klasse eine Antwort, persönlich von ihm geschrieben in seiner wunderschönen Schrift, die dem einen oder anderen bekannt sein dürfte. Der Brief wird nun eingerahmt und in die Klasse gehängt. 
Danke Bob!!

Twin Singalong @ Stifters Dinge

25 September 2013

Stifters Dinge, once more

On Tuesday, after two trophy-making workshops, we headed back to Duisburg for another visit to Heiner Goebbel's new performance, Stifters Dinge.

Robin enjoying the breeze of the autobahn...

24 September 2013

Sunday double-header: Stifters Dinge & In Absentia

Sunday was ANOTHER double-header! First the jury headed back to Duisburg to see Heiner Goebbels' Stifters Dinge, the Unguided Tour. Here they are, with an extra large box of Juicy Fruit for the day...

23 September 2013

Q&A Stifters Dinge mit Heiner Goebbels

Stifters Dinge

Saturday night: premiere night! We picked up the jury and headed to Duisburg for the opening of Heiner Goebbels' Stifters Dinge at the Kraftzentrale. But first...

here's Pascal riding an adorable pink bike

22 September 2013

Das Mädchen, round two

It's the weekend! And on Friday we went back for a second round of Das Mädchen mit den Schwefelhölzern, starring Robert Wilson and Angela Winkler. Here we are, meeting at the Jahrhunderthalle, ready to make our VIP entrance (and before about 5 spins around the roundabout...)