21 October 2017

KE 2017 - Researchlight Tour #2

Round 2 of the Jury viewing researchlight's SOMETHING HERE. It was a packed couple of hours with lots of singing on the minibus.

We were introduced to "PPAP" (pen-pineapple-apple-pen), a Youtube video by Daimaou Kokasa - which is a phenomenon that hadn't reached us - maybe generationally or just through the mystery of the internet. When the kids taught us, we wouldn't stop laughing.

Back up to the beautiful shrine.

Hideyuki already knew about erosion and how landscapes can be changed by nature. He explained it to the other Jury members.

As usual, the Jury takes good notes and makes sure to copy the English words correctly.

Shoine continues to keep everyone fresh and on style.

Back to the spooky lake - this Jury had also heard of the ghost stories.

DJ Kento in the house! He kept us entertained with the latest Japanese hits.

I discovered Mao made a beautiful flipbook animation - she's on her way to being a great artist already.

After some tough evaluating, it was time to wrap up the day. It was a long day with lots of discovering. Anyone for another round of Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen?