21 October 2017

KE2017 - Researchlight Tour #1

Today the Jury travelled around Kyoto to view the Kyoto Experiment installations by researchlight, SOMETHING HERE. Two of the artists on the project joined us and explained each installation to them along the way.

At each location the jury sounded out the words in English and tried to learn what they meant.

Misa makes drawings along the way.

Somehow the jury made it to the top of the stairs before the rest of us. Maybe it has to do with their tiny legs...

This installation happened to be accompanied by beautiful flute playing.

Tomonori started feeling like there were ghosts around us. He's got a sense for ghosts wherever we go. He shared a spooky story about a cab driver and a ghost that was all wet.

Koki isn't afraid of bugs.

Back at the ROHM theatre we visited the last few installations.

The Jury saw two people kissing inside the ROHM Theatre and this is what Tomonori had to say about it ^

The day ended with a question and answer period and time to fill out the evaluation forms, as usual!
I wonder what the 2nd Jury group will think about SOMETHING HERE?