13 October 2017

KE 2017 - Workshop #2! What Kids Can't Do

Today we ask the Kinrin Elementary School kids what they are allowed to do (and not allowed to do!).

Everyone was excited and ready to talk - so we started with a game!

Then, the debate! We asked the kids to brainstorm about what they are not allowed to do just because they are kids. They came up with some great answers. We chose three of their answers and had a friendly debate about it.
Two sides for each issue: Fair and Unfair.
Both sides had the chance to express their opinions and respond to the other team.

Miu was on the fence...but then she really wanted to drive a car!
"Bikes have wheels, car have wheels, why shouldn't we be allowed to drive?"

There's always time to pause for some peace signs ✌✌✌

Maybe Yuto will be a politician some day?

Some people got a little heated...

So many articulate arguments! What a smart bunch of kids. Overall, everyone had the chance to talk. Some people's minds were changed and others stayed the same. This was good practice for become a Jury!