02 November 2017

KE 2017 - Trisha Brown Dance Company, Anthology: Trisha Brown

Today we saw an amazing dance performance by Trisha Brown Dance Company; Anthology: Trisha Brown. The jury got to see part of the tech rehearsal and was inspired to practice their dance moves before the performance. They ran into the dancers back stage and made quite an impression.

Everyone's ready!

One of the dancers sat in the audience and quickly became Kento's bff.

The dancers were incredible, even in practice!

We heard an explanation about Trisha's work and how she approached dancing. After hearing about how much the Jury draws during each performance, she explained that Trisha actually tried to draw with her body.

Please...no paparazzi.

Yummy snacks.

Quickly, some dance moves started to become recreated by the Jury with the help of resident dancer and translator...Sachi!

We gave the jury some time to practice their red carpet moves. Jana even demonstrated ;-)

Why not?

This time the jury took their time a bit more on the red carpet and even got to chat with the dancers a bit after the show! They showed them their moves and posed for some photos.

The jury was taking exact notes about what colours the costumes had.

During the intermissions we had some time to look through the program and check out which shows we have seen...

Also some time to pimp up the program. This one says Children's Choice Award(o).
Can you read it?

Maybe some ideas for the next years program?? @Kyoto Experiment?

Some of the kids were so inspired by the dance that they had to try it themselves. Two dancers talked to us and were very impressed!!!

Couldn't stop dancing...

Saying good bye to the lovely dancers 👋

Wait...let's take a photo to keep this as a memory.

And one with the dancers!