31 October 2017

KE 2017 - RAM CAMP

The Jury got a special chance to try the RAM CAMP equipment before they saw the presentation the following day. Each of them got to try it and see what it was like to have a digital-self. Then, the presentation by Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM] presented RAM CAMP in Kyoto 2017 Work in Progress Presentation. 

The day started with some candy silliness that Tsukine started by giving colorful candy to Jana.

Then the real fun started with the demo!

Tomonori busted out his Michael Jackson moves and suddenly had a MJ dance party army!

Then Tsukine took the camera...

My tongue was still orange from the candy!

Even Sachi-chan got to try, along side Shione. 

Then the presentation...

Always excited and running from the bus.

Me and Tokio killing some time before the talking started.

Look at what the movements the dancers were doing did to the floor!

The Jury learned a whole lot about the program and the process!

Another day another evaluation. RAM CAMP was certainly different than the other shows we've seen. What award will it get?