30 October 2017

KE 2017 - Takuya Murakawa: Independent Living

The second typhooooooon made our day a bit dark and wet but we had a good time watching Independent Living!!

First of all, braiding Jana's hair on the minibus...

Then we walked a fancy red carpet or letto carpetto as you say in Japanese

there was lots of applause! our hearts were beating...

Not sure why but Riko pretended to be drunk ­čść

Comparing Sachi's and Riko's feed. Almost the same size?

Kiyo suddenly started to sing a song in the lobby. We still don't have any idea what song this is.

Evaluation time. They all haven't seen anything like it before. There were a few things that they didn't understand. But one thing is for sure, the volunteering women from the audience should get an award or be paid!

Again, the kids are making these incredible drawings. This one was made by Hide. 

The kids always ask the artists for an autographs, so Jana decided to ask the kids to sign her hand!