19 October 2008

Goran Bregovich

Hi guys,

Last night i saw Goran Bregovich. It was so amazing. From slow songs to fast ones, every song different.

THe band was great with violins, cellos, drums, french tubas, trumpets, guitars, horns, bagpipes and heaps more.

There was a choir of men from serbia, who sang beautiful melodies and songs.

There were two women, apparently from Bulgaria, who sang songs.

Goran was funny and his music made everyone get up and dance. Literally!!

There were people up the front dancing and laughing and all the jury got up and danced too.

It was the night of nights!!

It's probably the best show. Better than Two Faced Bastard!!

Great show. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. The atmosphere is amazing and is one of the best atmospheres i've felt in my life.

Amazing show.