19 October 2008

helloooooooooooooooo every one
ITS TIBBY!!!!!(calistta...)
i have been meaning to write this thing for A LLLOOONNNGGG TIME
my first performance i saw was "desert island dances"
it was AWSOME!!!
i loooved it soooooooo much i wanted to see it again and again and again...
then i saw "batsheva max" I HATED IT
i mean they are great dancers but i nearly fell asleep because i was soooooo bord!
then yester day i saw 2 things
i went to 21:100:100
(it was AWSOME too!!!(no.70 was my fav))
and something els, but i forgot what it was called
all it had were pictures of what patti smith owned
it was soooooo HORIBLE and BORING
so i lied downon the floor(becaues it was VERY hot and the floor was cold...)
and noticed that there were holes in the roof
soo i decided to figure out how many holes there were(1767 holes)
yours sincerly THE WET FART