16 October 2008

How to Make Chocolate Trophies

tool and ingrediants:

old trophies from thrift shop
electric frying pan
large pot
stir spoo
coffee mug
cheese grater
baking chocolate
paraffin wax
craft supplies: glue, glitter, ribbons, pipe cleaners and random bits of candy.

- grate the wax with the cheese grater

- put the water in the electric frying pan and turn it on.

- put the pot in the water and dump a bunch of chocolate into it.

- put a bunch of wax into the chocolate (wax is used so that the chocolate doesn't melt when you hold the statues)

- stir it around until it is all melted.

- keep an eye on the consistency, adding more chocolate or more wax as needed. too much wax will make it runny.

- if the pot is deep enough, dip the trophies, or use the coffee mug to scoop up the mixture and pour it over the trophies.

- allow trophies to dry

- decorate with craft supplies.

- give it to your favourite show.