13 October 2008

two-faced bastard

Two-Faced Bastard by Australia’s Chunky Move, was a show that happened on two sides of a curtain – one of those verticle blinds that can be altered so that you see through the slats. But it started off as a solid wall. On the other side there was a panel discussion about art by a bunch of artists who went through a few ideas around performance and the audience. On my side a woman danced. Gradually all the panelists left the panel and came over to dance. Then a bunch of stuff happened including: a guy searched for “Stephanie” but couldn’t find her and was abused by a sort of host of the show. It was absurdist – rational man in an irrational universe kind of thing. Then a bunch of other stuff happened. Lots of rigourous dancing, some choral speaking, a war, a little chicken girl and some kissing through a table. Then the audience was invited to sit on the other side. I declined. Then there was a robot. And then it was over. There was a Q&A where we learned that they developed the show over the course of two years, in chunks totaling 15 weeks.