03 November 2008


I'm wondering if you guys want to test out something I'm thinking of doing. In Toronto, I want to do a Children's Choice Awards but instead of the jury seeing shows, they will go to local shops, restaurants, clothing stores, book stores etc and then give out awards to them.

In many cities, local weekly newspapers will take a readers poll and give out awards to local businesses; this is like that.

I'm wondering if you would be interested in posting some reviews of The Best (or the worst) Businesses of Footscray. Let me know what you think. You would write about your favourite shop or cafe or toy store or book store or art gallery or community centre or ice cream shop or dollar store or stores that you don't like, places where the staff watches you because they think you are going to shoplift just because you are young or whatever.


ps: I shaved off my mustache.