27 January 2009

Don the Liar

We went to see singer Don McGlashan.

Here's some vintage stuff from him:

The Jury took great issue with the fact that the show's running time was advertised as 90 minutes, when really he went well over 2 hours, which made it tough for us since he was finishing as the Jury's parents were waiting at the school parking lot in Surrey, about 45 minutes away. We sneaked out, missing the encore and quickly made a flurry of phone calls, which smoothed everything out. The Jury dubbed him "Don the Liar" for exceeding his 90 minutes.

While we sat there, glancing at our watches, waiting for Don to get tired of singing, some of the Jury grew antsy and started to amuse themselves by cheering enthusiastically and chatting to each other, both activities drawing the scornful attention of a couple of audience members who wanted their McGlashan pure. To paraphrase a Jury member: "if you want to listen to music without some honest audience feedback, throw on a cd and stay at home."