23 January 2009

What We're Looking For

Here's a list of the criteria for what deserves the Jury's attention. They will examine the shows in the festival and determine which have managed to excel in the the following categories:

-most boring
-most creative
-most colourful
-most funny
-best props
-best actress
-best actor
-most interesting
-the most action
-longest tongue
-best dance
-best use of technology
-best team work
-biggest eyes
-most loud
-best solo
-best costumes
-standing ovations
-most make up
-most interesting choreography
–best hair
-best music
-most use of sarcasm
-most expression
-best adjectives
–most superstitious
–most cheering from the audience
-most sad
-most loud and clear
-most realistic
-most people / biggest cast
-most jaw dropping
-most emotional
-most energetic
–most awards
–most joyful
-most annoying
-most gruesome
-most horrific
–best 70’s act
-most effort
-most educational
-biggest costume
-most popular
-best beginning
–most international languages
-funniest voice
-first act to have screaming applause
-most dramatic
-most “I don’t care”
-most sloppy
–best sci-fi