12 February 2010

Jeppe Hein- OFFICIAL Jury Comments

Boyd: “Lots of mirrors, smoke smells good from the chair, lots of smoke. Loved the speech.”

Anton: “The chair is wicked.”

Jasmine: “Water fountain, got wet and also cool. The maze was cool with all the mirrors. A chair when you sit on it smokes on you, then you cough. A glass fishbowl has a feather in it and it floats. There's a light with red and green and it lights up the whole room. Might get ‘Most Artistic.’”

Courtney: “I like the smoke chair. I also liked the feather and the coloured light. I also really liked the water because it was cool.”

Harshi: “Double Neon Green was very good because it kept changing colours to red. Smoke Bench was very smokey, it always gets into your mouth and it smells so weird. There are sensors in the corners. Spiral Mirrors- the spiral mirrors were really cool because there were lots of mirrors... It was organized very well.”