14 May 2011

no way in hell we would have kept still for ANOTHER hour! So we left.

I started an experiment that didn't quite turn out as I imagined during a pre-show talk of tonight's show at the Norwich Cathedral. These talks are challenging for me - especially BEFORE watching the show. Was such a challenge for me, that my first instinct was to check in on the kids. To find out how they were doing, I passed around a small note that said:

"if you're bored, make a face in the camera (pass it on)", along with a running video recorder.

This was going to tell me who was bored and would also help show other jury members how they felt about pre-show talks. Pretty clever, eh? The teacher/staff lady caught wind that something fun was happening and when she read the note, she turned beet red. Thankfully the note continued to pass along, but it got shut down when one kid made a big pose and caused too much attention.

After that was over we played a big game of tag to refresh ourselves and then took a walk down the road to Tesco Express cause Josh was hungry. He bought a cookie and a bag of chewy savory snacks for a total of 1.73p.

The show started to a full house and the old cathedral came to life (imagine gothic architecture, stained glass, you can wiki it for more info). Immediately the kids I sat beside doodled and passed each other notes.

"Its sucks two eggs short of a picnic basket"

"we're claping for nothing because its so rubbish!"

"so bored"

"it sucks eggs"

"0's all round 4 this performance & most boringist act."

By the interval, forty minutes later, it had been requested that we vote on whether we should stay or go. Each person stated their truth so we left.