07 May 2011

opening night

Opening night was last night. Christophe, the director, introduced us and then most of us took off back home, while Jury 1 (there are five juries) had some food, though we couldn't get any info if the meat was halal so the muslim kids had to make due with vegetarian. Hopefully, we'll be able to request halal in the future, though as a vegetarian, I say: long live the animals!

we saw Edit Kaldor's show, which had a good start but faltered a bit. There was some suspicion that she wanted us to experience what it's like to not understand something, which is always better on paper than in practice.

Anyway, we had lots of fun. Prevailing challenge: get the french speakers and the dutch speakers to mix! a challenge that is made even more difficult because we've also got a cultural divide with muslim kids on the dutch side and christian kids on the other. But, if we didn't have a challenge we wouldn't be allowed to call it art, now would we...? We have to call it 'hanging out with the kids' and, while that might be fun, you're not going to get any grants to do that. And with good reason!!

vive la difference!