28 September 2011

Pekka Makinen and Brian Lobel's Purge

We started the day yesterday by blinging the van with magnets. This is the photo before we left. Some magnets may have found new homes along Kuopio's streets...

Pics from the van

After decorating the van, we began our first day of jury duty. Jury A braved the rain and set off on a mission to find Pekka Makinen's photographs. The photographs taken of the last decade at the ANTI Festival have been put up around Kuopio. It was difficult to understand what was happening in each piece without a write-up, so we took our best guesses at what we thought was going on and what the artists were trying to say.

After heading back to the school for lunch (fish chowder), we were off to Brian Lobel's Purge. Brian lost a lot of friends because of CCA. In Brian's words, "children are harsh".