27 August 2012

Cesena at Sunrise

The jury got up at 4am this Sunday to watch Cesena, a music and dance piece by choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. Here is the Jahrhunderthalle in Bochum on arrival at 4:45...

Anne talked to the kids in person before the show (earliest artist talk ever?) to explain the concept and prepare them for what they were about to watch. She talked about developing the show in Avignon, the middle ages, the plague...

The jury was given ginger/scallion soup as an early morning snack.. but they didn't go over too well

Coffee wasn't a much better alternative... eww

It's light outside! Consensus after the show?

We ate breakfast and were visited by one of the French dancers in the show, who answered lots of questions about her training and work as a dancer (Do you get paid? Did you go to dance school? Do you do it for the money or because you love it?)

The kids jamming on the player piano. Hassan was enamoured.

The Bochum kids dancing on the Europeras set. Their energy for 8am on a Sunday after a 2 hours non-stop dance performance was astounding.

Running up the risers... (see the video in the previous post)

Queen Lise, on Our Century

Then finally... home and back to bed.