27 August 2012


On Saturday night, the jury saw Romeo Castellucci's new work created for the Gebläsehalle in Duisberg, "Folk." We had no idea what to expect and we won't ruin the surprise. But needless to say, we had fun taking off our shoes and splashing around during the show...

VIP arrival time

Julia's second moustache-related outfit

Damien on the red carpet

Inside, waiting with the theatre goers for the show to begin

Should I or shouldn't I?

A man came up to the jury while we were waiting and told him how great he thought it was that the kids were coming to see all these shows in their spare time

Hamsa with (formerly) Jenna's Canadian hand sanitizer he got in the trade game at 12 Rooms

curly hair twins

snacks and a post show artist talk with two performers from Folk

as always, judgement time...