23 September 2012

Confetti Storm at Twin Paradox

We saw another performance of Twin Paradox on Friday night with a different group of kids. After the artist talk, they had only one question: can we go on the stage? Still covered in confetti, they got the ok and went to it...

DSC 1178

DSC 1182

DSC 1183

DSC 1185

DSC 1188

DSC 1193

DSC 1198

DSC 1203

DSC 1205

DSC 1206

DSC 1210

DSC 1212

DSC 1214

DSC 1223

And then, out of nowhere... the fans to blow the confetti up came on under the floor, igniting screams throughout the hall… we're not sure who it was that turned them on, but whoever you are… 
WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

DSC 1228

DSC 1230

DSC 1231

DSC 1233

DSC 1234

DSC 1236

DSC 1237

thumbs up? Selman thinks so.

DSC 1245