22 September 2012

Double-Rainbows and a Prometheus Reading

On Wednesday, the night got off to a weird start. Just before we left, a hailstorm pounded Bochum for a good 20 minutes. Pascal took advantage of the remains, of course...

Michelle soon had some snow in her hair

Just before we left... a full rainbow appeared over the school! It must be CCA magic.

Pascal and the perfect rainbow

then... a second rainbow appeared... 

the ride to Duisburg was filled with amazing autobahn skies

in Duisburg, at last, with the usual high-5 routine

Brian and that super smile

on the red carpet...

for the camera... ruhr triennale triennale triennale!!!

jury group shot with the man in red!! (anyone know who he is?)

post-Prometheus artist talk and snacks

Maurice's drawings from the show