04 September 2012

Europeras, round 2

On Friday, we saw Europeras once more, 2 weeks after watching the premiere with a different group of kids. We were curious to see how this group would react to the massive production... 

Here are the blonde Bochum girls en route to the Jahrhunderthalle

Christopher and Drilon walked the red carpet in the rain

the jury ate some snacks before (and during) the long show


Davud, Meike and Nick posing/eating 

nice chewing Meike!

getting some energy out during the interval jumping up and down

after the show, we met Nikolay, a performer who wore that feather hat on the table in Europeras 2

passing notes took on a new meaning via phone passing tonight... is there a love connection happening in the jury? (I won't reveal the recipient)

Jacqueline looking at Nikolai's specific list of times he carries with him to know his cues

some Europeras inspired drawings 

and... more crazy photos from the Bochum girls on the van ride home