28 September 2013

It's Friday night and where else would we be? At the performance hall of course... this time to see music by Jonathan Harvey and Alban Berg at the Jahrhunderthalle in Bochum.

Here we are in the foyer with Dan Perjovschi's www 2013...




waiting for our announcement to enter the hall....

at the pause, like any good VIP's, we had complimentary drinks at the bar... 

Coca Cola model




and of course, we had to add a few more words to www 2013

lots of people talked to the jury tonight about being part of the Children's Choice Awards... 
one asked "what qualifies you to be a member of the jury?" uhhh, well, we're KIDS! 

there was a LOT of drawing from the concert... check them out--






After the concert we talked to the violin soloist Alina Ibragimova, and Thomas Goepfer and Sylvain Cadars from IRCAM Liveelectronics. The jury asked their age, if they have kids... 

and a few questions about the music too (the first: was it an opera or an orchestra concert? - the answer of which earned Gladstone 5 euros from a bet with Lukas)

at the end, we sang Happy Birthday to Alina--it was her birthday at midnight!

the jury always loves the Jahrhunderthalle... 

Max the cookie monster

after the show, as per usual, we climbed on Mischa Kuball's Agora/Arena. THE KIDS CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF IT!!