23 September 2013

Stifters Dinge

Saturday night: premiere night! We picked up the jury and headed to Duisburg for the opening of Heiner Goebbels' Stifters Dinge at the Kraftzentrale. But first...

here's Pascal riding an adorable pink bike

and Michele making some crazy window hair

EEEEKKK JANAAAA!!! this is creepy.

This was the first time that this whole jury of kids met, as they were split up during their last shows into very small groups (for Situation Rooms and the Freitagsküche). So, we did some introductions...

and a jury cheer

Best duckface prize winners?


and smiles

and more duckfaces

and more peace!

after the show, the jury talked to Heiner Goebbels, while the music continued to play in the background... (watch the talk in its own blog post)

the jury was a bit fascinated by the construction of the installation...there were lots of questions about the machines, the trees, the bubbles, and the dry ice

We will return to Stifters Dinge for the UNGUIDED tour and for another performance next week. Thanks Heiner for talking to us, and hope to see you all next time we're in Duisburg!