25 September 2013

Stifters Dinge, once more

On Tuesday, after two trophy-making workshops, we headed back to Duisburg for another visit to Heiner Goebbel's new performance, Stifters Dinge.

Robin enjoying the breeze of the autobahn...

we might have decorated the car with leftover trophy-stars...


aggghhh he's getting away....

the jury walking the red carpet... they're pros now you know

the tall guys

group shot

hmmmmm... what is she looking at...... ?????????

the 'Dinge'

up close

We talked to Heiner Goebbel's artistic collaborator on Stifters Dinge, Matthias Mohr, after watching the show. He answered questions about the process to develop it, what languages were in the performance and of course, what made the water pools smoke and bubble!

There's only a handful of shows left.... stay tuned for photos of THE TROPHIES!!!!!!!!!!