01 October 2013

Improv Concert at Maschinenhaus

Monday night: a trip to the Maschinenhaus in Essen for a concert by improv duo Christine Abdelnour
and Pascal Battus. We couldn't wait to find out what the jury would think of their unique saxophone/"rotating surface" improv/sound art performance....

Here we are picking up the jury in Mülheim!

yep, we're here!!

waiting for our pre-show announcement

the duo made music with a variety of machines and household items... we got to check them out on the pause!


The jury had some fun on the red carpet, walking the catwalk during the break... CCA's almost over, they gotta get in these VIP walks while there's still a chance!

ready to go for part 2

We had a semi-public artist talk after the show with both the performers. Christine explained she never learned to play saxophone properly but wanted to explore the sounds it could make. The kids also asked how they met and how long they "rehearse" for, and the duo answered questions about their method of improvisation.

there were autographs afterwards...

some laughs

and a bit of cup playing!

ONLY ONE MORE SHOW TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We're practically counting the hours to the Awards Ceremony... only FIVE MORE DAYS!!!