25 August 2014

20 Pianos and a PARTY in Essen

Ladies and gents, on Saturday night we headed to Essen for 20 Pianos! Here's the jury doin' their thing outside.

Followed by walking the red carpet... these guys are pros now!

but this jury can still be camera shy--

lobby hangs

and, we head into the show

We talked to the two pianists after the performance. Sam Beste (left) told us the last piece they performed is "the hardest thing he's ever done in his life, period." WOAHH. They're from the UK, but his mom is German!

We hung out in the hall and ate some food, while evaluating the show after the talk....

and then hung out downstairs for the show's PARTAY! here we are at our finest.... (and in many colours)

trying on Jana's glasses

blue girl!


chatting with strangers

glitzer shoes!!

ahhhh this is freaky

there he is in one piece -

AND it's hug time. Goodbye!