29 August 2014


Last night, we had A LOT of fun. I think the (many) pictures below speak for themselves...

Here we are in the car en route to the Kunstmuseum Bochum to see, well, Kunstmuseum - a new installation by Gregor Schneider. The jury brought... CANDY!!!! 

a LOT of candy!

mouse eats coke

stuck in traffic in Bochum...

we passed this CACTUS... our soulmate on the road of car/loud music/waving enthusiasm...

and this smiley guy..

and even blew a kiss to the Chevalier d'Amour (he lives in the Acora Hotel)

And... finally we're at the Kunstmuseum. Or at least the parking lot. Here's Cynthia!

and Eve

group shot under the bridge


it's red carpet time - the kids were the first ones to go through the installation!

Here we are waiting to go in....

and there they go!

Whew, we all made it out alive. Here is proof!

glitter shoes!!

We retreated to the museum's workshop room, ate some snacks, maybe tossed a few around..

Then we met the artist himself, Gregor Schneider -

anddd wrote evaluations.

After, did this jury get into the car to go home? Of course not! Here we are outside mingling with other VIPS's...

and then deciding to do it all again!

As we waited in line, we were served drinks like true VIPs

bye bye again!

this time, we played in the mud...


and after round 2, we ate more snacks. Art = snacks, that's a real equation you know.

super VIP, sparkling water in wine glasses

and finally we left, the music blaring all the way home in the car again!



goodnight VIP's, it was a krazzzy fun night!!