17 August 2014

MELT-ing, in the rain

On Friday, we got the premiere day underway with a visit to Urbane Künste's installation at Duisburg's Landschaftspark, Melt. Unfortunately, the installation is outside--and it was pouring rain. Nonetheless, we made the most of it, and the jury were the first members of the public to test it out!

Melt is made of 49 (not 50, we were told!) aluminum plates with nearly 2000 steel springs underneath that make it bounce-y and fun to walk, jump and run on. Here are our tentative first steps - what the photos don't reveal is how LOUD this piece is.... (stay tuned for videos to see!)

Here we are, the first to walk across Melt!

Now, for some jumping

The jury was photographed by many press photographers - here they are jumping for one of them!

and being interviewed on camera!


Writing on the ground in the rain

After we tired ourselves out, we went inside to meet the artists, Rejane Cantoni and Leonardo Crescenti. 

They explained how Melt was made and even drew a picture for us of what it looks like underneath

and demonstrated on Ermirhan's hand!

The original drawing, 'by the artist' - Melisa's souvenir. A pretty good start to the weekend!