22 September 2014


On Saturday we did something BIG - we took ALL the kids on the jury (almost 70!) to Heiner Goebbels and Mathilde Monnier's production of Surrogate Cities Ruhr

And... the Gladbeck kids from last year came, AHHHHH!!! Remember this guy??!!

and this one?!

A bunch of the kids were interviewed by WDR !

Check out these FINGERNAILS!!!

These guys got on the golf cart, which the security guard graciously gave over to them for about 10 minutes...

noooo you hit LEON!!!!

we played some I LOVE YOU TAG!

hahaha Maxi

and here we all are, heading in to walk the red carpet!

We clogged it!! SO MANY KIDS!!

oh yeah

pre-show 'hangs'

the flash shocked Calvin a bit!

I love this one

Here we are, making our first row entrance!

Eve sneaking a foot on stage...

Afterwards we talked to choreographer Mathilde Monnier and singer David Moss. It was kind of a double artist talk - she was answering/asking questions on one side, him on the other - while doing some crazy singing of course!

Matilde definitely already gets the award for Best Shoes. Thanks for chatting with us!!