02 September 2014

Autographs and Improv with Fred Frith

On Monday night the jury was back at work, riding in the party cars to Essen for an improvisation/sound art concert by Fred Frith

First though, we had a mini-dance party in the parking lot. Here's Maxi strutting 'like his sister' before the show - what a pose!

Then we went playing on the post - now he's up...

now he's down

Heading into our venue for the evening, the Maschinenhaus

The jury lined up with members of the public to get Fred's autograph after the show - 

and then he sat down and answered some of the jury's questions about his show - Why did he perform barefoot? (in short, he can hear and feel the music better) Where is he from? (the UK, but he lives in California) Does he live in a villa? (no!) and of course, How did he get the idea? (stay-tuned for the artist talk video!)

Now, more autographs for the jury - 


Tim with his (which the camera washed out!)

some notes - 


Maxi, or is it Jana? Isn't that her sweater?

anddd we had a race back to the car. See you tomorrow!