16 September 2014

Double Jury night at Neither

We did a DOUBLE jury trip to Romeo Castellucci's Neither on Sunday night, and predictably, it was a bit CRAZZZY. 

But first, more crazy eye pics - and yes, the eye 'pics' are their own eyes!!


ok that's even creepier

Jana and Jana's mouth

David and Jana's mouth!

We tore up the parking lot with some tunes before we drove up the driveway...

and walked the red carpet!!

the kids took some nice pics inside

There was a lot of play fighting in the lobby....

and then we watched the show!

After, we talked (again, thanks Stephan!) to dramaturg Stephan Buchberger. Just like last time, the jury had lots of questions.... how can they not after a show like this one?!

Stephan gave us a quick tour of the train (and leg!)

instagram that yo

now it's time for the serious work... evaluating.

The jury will be back on Friday - hope you can keep yourselves occupied until then!