11 September 2014

Quatuor Ebène and some air violin

We returned to the Zeche Carl in Essen the other day for a concert by French string quartet Quatuor Ébène. But first, you gotta check out Steffen's MEAN tattoo.

Here are the boys in the parking lot

and the girls, all crazy eyed..

The jury's red carpet entrance!

Samuel, our intern, on his last night with us - boo hoo!!


poor sick Jana

and Carl. period.

there was, predictably, chaos outside before the show

After the show, we replaced Quatuor Ébène with a new string quartet...

We played some air-violin

and even air piano

Dramaturg Stephan Buchberger tried to get her to play the real thing... but that scared her off!

After arms got tired of air-instrument playing, we talked to cellist Raphaël Merlin about the performance. The kids asked why the group would always leave and come back during applause, why they made faces when they played, and why they didn't introduce themselves during the show--trying to make sense of classical music etiquette. Calvin suggested the stage be bigger next time...

Raphaël asked which piece they preferred, and the jury agreed: Bartok beats Mozart. Stay tuned to find out what awards they'll get!