10 September 2014

Zeit Forum Kultur - drawings drawings drawings (and some tomato throwing)

The jury headed to Zeit Forum Kultur on Sunday morning, just hours after the premiere of Neither, back in Bochum at the Jahrhunderthalle.

Check out this magnet job on the parked cars - VIP JURY FO' SHO'.

the red carpet drop-off...

The Forum was a panel of cultural experts discussing different ideas about and approaches to arts education and engagement. The jury sat very quietly in the front row, but took to their notebooks - and filled PAGES with drawings and notes... 

The lady with the red fingernails loved this one so much (she saw it being drawn from the row behind) that she asked after the Forum ended if she could have it!! Awww.


Damian, our host for the Awards Ceremony, was still around, and decided to put on a show for the kids in our snack room since "there was no show." Lars pushed him in on the cart...

and then we threw tomatoes into his mouth! or tried to anyway, most of them hit his face...

hey Andrew

and hey Lars, lying on the pole

We got a sneak peak at the back of the Jahrhunderthalle as we tried to find our way out of the building!

and.... of course, we took some photos in the PARTY CAR on the way home.