09 October 2008

The Awards List

Most interactive
Most controversial
Most fun
Most enjoyable for old people
Most moving
Most ECO friendly
Most wacky play
Best presented
Most unique
Best choreographed dance
Most I don’t know why I liked it but I liked it anyway
Most creative
Most original
Best costumes
Best hairdo
Best character
Best music
Most emotive
The one that got me crying
Best sound effects
The one that made me pee my pants from laughter
The one that made me pee my pants from fright and fear
Most productive
Best role model
Most kid friendly
Most inspirational
The saddest
Most entertaining
Most imaginative
Most colourful costumes
Best setting
Best ideas
Most insightive (word by Vera(from da crew))
Everyone hated it but I loved it
Most romantic
Most immature
Best fiction
Most like a video game
Best shoes
Most detailed
Most spontaneous
Most confusing
Most evil
Best instrument
The most awesomeness
Most stupefying
Most spotty
The one that was better than chocolate
The most gangsta