09 October 2008

Show Evaluation Form

The Children’s Choice Awards Evaluation Form

Show Title_____________________________

Did you enjoy the show?
5. Loved it.
4. Liked it.
3. Felt nothing.
2. Didn’t like.
1. Hated it.
0. I’d rather eat dog barf.

Did the show make you brain work?
5. A lot.
4. A little
3. Not at all
2. It was kind of obvious
1. It was stupid.
0. If the show had a brain it would be smaller than an ant turd.

Did the show make you feel things?
5. A lot.
4. A little.
3. Not at all.
2. It made me tired.
1. I was bored out of my mind.
0. I wanted to throw myself into the ocean.

How unique was the show?
5. It blew my mind away.
4. I’ve never seen anything like it.
3. I’ve seen a bit of stuff like it.
2. I’ve seen lots of stuff like it.
1. Been there, done that, bought the tshirt, gave it to my dog.
0. Stop bugging me with these questions, the show was like a wet fart.

Regardless of whether you liked the show or not, do you think the show achieved what it was trying to do?
5. Yes, it was excellent at what it was trying to do.
4. It was good at what it was trying to do.
3. It adequately achieved its goals.
2. It failed at achieving its goals.
1. The show bombed on all fronts.
0. Can I go the bathroom and wash my brain so I never have to think of this show again.

How many memorable moments can you list