14 October 2008


A little personal blogging as I wait for videos to upload. I’m having a decent time here but am a little tired of festivals.

The latest I’ve stayed up is 11:30 and I haven’t had coffee and only 3 beers in the week we’ve been here, which, for a festival, is pretty good. I get up at 7 or earlier everyday and go for a walk and workout in a park with my red surgical tubing thing that I bought in Toronto or with some Tai Chi. All this is keeping my spirits up.

I’m getting work done on a novel that I’ve been working on for a while so that feels really good. I’m avoiding the artist’s lounge except to upload stuff because artist lounge=alcohol and I want my body to feel good over the course of these last 40 or so years of my life.

The editing and posting of the videos and photos takes anywhere from 3 to 8 hours a day but I’m enjoying it. I’m thinking of this blog as part the performance. Hello to everybody who is reading it and thanks. Hello to brother Troy, Eva and Magda.

I do get nervous that I should be schmoozing with presenters etc. but I just can’t bring myself to hang out there, I’m much happier blogging, sleeping, walking and writing. I miss my friends.