14 June 2010

My Adventures in Canadian Television: An Evening with Rick Mercer

Schmoozin' at the VIP reception

Struttin' it on the Red Carpet

From the program: Rick Mercer chronicles, satirizes, and ultimately celebrates all that is great and irreverent about this country. Known as "Canada's Unofficial Opposition", Mercer is our most popular comic, a political satirist who knows exactly what matters to regular Canadians and what makes them laugh. My Adventures in Canadian Television draws on the best moments from his award-winning show, taking you behind the scenes of classic Canadian moments, including his Talking to Americans specials, and much more. On full display is his understanding of what delights and occasionally enrages us about our politicians, our media, our neighbours to the south, our unique pop culture, and our place in the world.

Official CCA Jury Memorable Moments:

Alex: "Rick Mercer jumping in the lake naked."

Greg: "When the soldiers sang the song."

Jade: "Rick Mercer jumped in a lake naked. This old man kept on hitting him in the nuts. He was just funny."

Giovanni: "The films were hilarious, I liked his jokes. I liked how he made fun of politicians."