14 September 2013

Situation Rooms and Freitagsküche

On Friday the 13th (!) we headed back to Rimini Protokoll's Situation Rooms and to the related Freitagsküche at the Jahrhunderthalle in Bochum. We split into two groups: 1 headed for Situation Rooms, 1 for the küche, and then we switched.

Here's the first group from Duisburg, at and around the Freitagsküche...

The guys of the Freitagsküche (Jürgen 'Jue' Löffelholz und Thomas Friemel) met the jury and put the girls straight to work, to prepare for the big meal

aprons go on...

they're still VIPs, so Cola is allowed


since the bunnies were (thankfully) already cooked, the girls made the whipped cream for dessert...

the (pink!) borscht (the dinner is Situation Rooms-themed...)

a job well done (we hope!)

outside group pics

The Mülheim group finished Situation Rooms and had an artist talk inside with Stefan Kaegi of Rimini Protokoll and Dominic Huber, the Stage Director. 

Michelle looks pretty cozy in that chair

all smiles...

Pascal lost a tooth today!! it was in his pocket (really, you don't need to see it)

and just as with the Duisburg group (now in Situation Rooms), the Freitagsküche put the jury to work!

"I'm a cook!" he said

more smiles and thumbs-up for the Freitagsküche

Armin made some crepes for dessert...


Michelle served some of the delicious borscht

Pascal helped with both cooking and serving

Armin bringing us our dinner... of course, a whole rabbit!

Michelle, a new vegetarian, wasn't so bothered by the dead creature before us... 


the jury made some notes

the Duisburg group met with Dominic to talk about Situation Rooms

there were more smiles

and an a-ok for the delicious dessert

we came, we cooked, we met, we mingled.... we left a destroyed rabbit on the table. I don't think anyone will disagree that Friday the 13th was a pretty awesome day.