19 August 2014

Le Sacre du Printemps - an afternoon with Castellucci

On Saturday afternoon, after the Folkwang Museum, some french fries and a run around the Landschaftspark, we walked the red carpet at Le Sacre du Printemps, a new performance by Italian director Romeo Castellucci.

Our arrival via VIP car!

Pre-show hang-outs in the lobby

And then... it happened. After a performance with dancing bone-dust and machines, the jury had a lot of questions!

A few minutes later, the man of the hour himself, Castellucci, came and talked to the jury about the piece. He answered a lot of questions about his use of animal ashes in the performance: Where did they come from? What amount of ashes are used? Do they refill the machines during the show? How long does it take to clean them up? And most importantly: where did the idea come from? Stay tuned for a video of the artist talk for the answers!

Other people started to congregate around our talk--they too wanted to hear the answers!

Afterwards, Ken asked for a photo and an autograph - and Castellucci obliged!


We walked and checked out the stage before leaving, taking a few photos of what remained.

and then the jury evaluated the show--I can't wait to see what award Sacre gets!

an autograph belonging to the jury. Grazie for this special afternoon, Romeo!