18 August 2014

Folkwang Museum, POMMES and a tower climb!

Saturday morning we had a date with Museum Folkwang to see the exhibition Eine Einstellung zur Arbeit. First we had to put magnets on the cars - here's Ken getting creative

and Kay checking out his work

The jury members outside the museum

Group shot

We were a small jury this morning but we still walked the red carpet, of course!

hallo, hallo!

Checking out the installation - and making videos of videos

After watching the films for awhile, we sat down with Detlef Gericke-Schönhagen, who talked to us about the show. He explained the concept of the exhibition: a series of 2 minute uncut short films made by local artists in a number of cities that the two artists visited around the world, shown together here by city (Cairo, Boston, Buenos Aires... etc.).

Then Detlef took us around and showed us the concept of the speakers: Sounddusche!

Ken asked some more questions

and off we went. Thanks Detlef for the tour!

From the Folkwang, we headed to Duisburg for some lunch and some time to explore before taking in an afternoon show (Castellucci's Le Sacre du Printemps). 

peace and pommes!

camera play-time

We went for a walk around the Landschaftspark...

and ended up climbing waaaaaaay up high

the view from the top!

Kay checking it out

group shot!

the people below! so small!

a bit freaked out, we headed back down pretty fast!

Tracy and Ken snapped some shots of people hanging around the park

and here we are back at Melt, taking another run at it in dry weather