04 September 2014

A Visit to the Kunstmuseum

On Tuesday morning we headed with the jury back to the Kunstmuseum Bochum, to see Kunstmuseum by Gregor Schneider, in the VIP autos!! 

The girls are ready (and already writing notes - to each other?)

and off we walk to the museum


here we are, waiting in line for the tunnel - only 1 at a time!

The brave first one to go...

and.. he's gone.

Survived alive!

After we all made it through the 'room sculpture', we did our regular routine of snacks and evaluations, after a chat with the production manager for the installation.

We thought we were done.... but the jury wanted to go again! 
Here we are in line one more time...

Vanessa's "art on her foot" - mud from the tunnels. It's not too often you get to leave with such a souvenir!