06 September 2014

El Triunfo de la Libertad at PACT

On Thursday, we went to see El Triunfo de la Libertad in Essen, a performance by La Ribot, Juan Domínguez, and Juan Loriente. We started the night in true VIP style - with GLITZER SHOES!!!

This is one of many photos of kids blocking kids taking photos... photo tag we could call it?

We discovered one great photographer (Yusuf) - check out his photos (the next four!)

And here are the jury.... walking the red carpet!

Inside, we hung out with the classy people and you know, acted classy...

We had an interesting artist talk after the show - the public was invited to join, but the kids asked the first (and most important!) questions: Why did they have to read the whole show? and HOW DID NELSON DO IT?! We also talked about the lights and how there were no performers on stage - what did they envision in lieu of them?

See you this weekend, hopefully with some glitter still in our hair - it's trophy making time!!