05 August 2016

EIF 2016 Opening of the Festival and Press Conference at Scottish Parliament

The 2016 International Festival kicks off today! This morning 5 of our Juryassic Park-ers visited the Scottish Parliament for a press conference announcing us as the festival's official jury. 

Just to remind us that this is, in fact, Edinburgh, the weather started drizzling halfway through. Seasoned "models" as they are, we pressed on despite the rain. 

The hood-up, hands-in-pockets, get-me-out-of-the-rain aesthetic

The happy, I'm-under-an-umbrella smiles
Looking good!
We just got our statuettes for the photos

Listening carefully to the art direction by media photogs

The yellow wellies and statuettes were provided by the EIF. You will see later on that they came into good use.


MSP Christine Grahame joining in

Here, Cameron takes a few pictures with MSP Christine Grahame, who visited us during the press conference. She tried to take a statuette from the bunch on the platform in the middle of the pool! If anyone walking by Parliament wants to try the same thing, we can tell you now that they are affixed firmly onto the platform. She did wind up with one from a box though... But for now the only one to get one of these will be at our closing ceremony on August 27th, where specially decorated statuettes will be handed out to every show that we see.

At this point there were about five or six media photogs snapping away and shouting conflicting instructions. "Hands up! Hands down! Look here. No wait, look there! Show your lanyards! Or don't show 'em!"

"I'll have to keep the wellies on now, or else it'd look like I peed myself." - Nicole, 18yrs old.

To follow our adventures during the 2016 Edinburgh International Festival, check out more at our Instagram @JuryassicPark.