16 August 2016

EIF 2016 - Sigur Ros

 Tonight's show was Sigur Ros! An Icelandic "post-rock" band so intense that my eyes melted off  my face and my ears turned into two Viking boats that sailed away on their remains. Kidding. But notice that there are no photos from after the concert today, mainly because we didn't do the normal post-concert meet-and-greet, but also because I turned around to discover our jury had been zapped into little piles of volcanic ash by the strobe lights. 

A few quotes I managed to gather from the ashy remains:
"Crazy." - James
 "Ten minutes were way too long for a song. And also it was kind of the same all the time, so I didn't enjoy it." - Cerys

"I thought the animations were GORGEOUS [...]I had no idea you could play guitar with a bow. [...] I don't know if I could name any memorable moments, because I didn't know what any of it was." - Olivia

"I can't see anything. I mean I can. But I can't." - Daisy 

"My eyes are still f*cked up."
- James again

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