15 October 2008

My review on Desert Island Dances

Desert Island Dance is a mix of comedy, movement and good use of chalk. Wendy Houston's movements are captivating while keeping the show lively by adding humour. Whether its a box containing Wendy Houston moving around the room or beautiful movements, Desert Island Dances proves to be a hit! Although humorous the one small criticism I have for Desert Island Dances is that after running around the room, standing on your head and whatnot you seem quite a bit tired which sort of adds to the effect at the end but otherwise makes it hard to understand and yes I do know its hard to not be tired after all that! Desert Island Dances is a entertaining and fulfilling way to have a night out!

(See I can write a good review when i want to!)


My review on Patti Smith

Patti Smith's exhibition was sad. It was about her friend Robert who was a photographer and who died of AIDS.
The exhibition basically showed photographs that he took and some that she took.

She took pictures of some hospital beds representing the ward that he stayed in when he was sick. But she felt that she was decorating the room, so she covered them up, but we were allowed to lift them up to have a look.
The exhibition made me feel sad and a bit sorry for her.

She also had a relaxation room where recordings of her reciting poems were played. And there was a big screen showing the sea and on the floor there was a trampoline with a projection of the sea on it as well.

Some may find the exhibition boring but I thought it was interesting and sad.

We also met Patti Smith. She was really nice and took a photo of us.


PS Happy now Darren?!

hey Jury

A day off without you and I miss you already!!!
Thanks again and again and again for doing this. I think you're all really terrific and I'm really enjoying hanging out with you. You're all so smart and I'm really grateful that you're taking the task so seriously. It's great to hear all your comments after the show and, like I said in a previous post, I am in agreement with your assesment so far. Not that that matters - it doesn't. But, anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I think you're a brilliant bunch of people and I'm enjoying every minute of our time together.

see you tomorrow.

ps: and, someone, try to write a review. just try it. give it a go. why not, it wont' kill you.


making the awards

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