15 June 2010


Working the Red Carpet, CCA Jury styles


The Jury's Favorite actor who played 'Bobby' in Tough!

Workin' the Red Carpet

From the Program: Though! is part of George F. Walker's celebrated East End Plays, a series that includes such works as Love and Anger, Better Living, and Escape from Happiness. These plays are peopled with the working class and otherwise marginalized characters: idiosyncratic idividuals who often battle with urban forces much larger than themselves. Cutting, funny and ultimately poignant, Tough! takes a hard look at youth on the brink of adulthood forced to make difficult decisions about personal responsibility amid the many confusions of life. Ken Grass has adapted this three-character work to incorporate a multi-racial ensemble of twelve actors to present a compelling perspective on urban youth in the city of today. This version of the play was first presented at the Factory Theatre in 2007, as part of the Luminato Festival.