16 November 2008


memerios, memerios i hope i NEVER forget that giggly night( rachels tg par'tay)!!!!!!!! Annie, shauna , simz, rach & kath u guys are so amazing and SO perfect I LUV U GUYS (in a friend way) ok i am going to write about my friends
annnie( miss positive): annie is one of the funniest people on the earth and is ALWAYS looking on the bbright side of things and always shares (ecspecially JUICE)
shauna (miss outgoing); shauna is one of the most adventureous girls i know she is always showing us silly dances and laughing her head off at one thing or another and is always there when your sad :(
Rach (miss hyper) : rach is CRAZY and very hard to explain she is always making others laugh or trying out a crazy idea she is a great bf and always will be
simz (miss trustable) :
simz is VERY smart but not only is she smart she is also verry trustable with secrets and is great at aiming m&ms at peoples mouths!
kath (miss hilarious) :
kath is a total laugh she can make the dullest things seem funny and because i have known her since kinder i love it when she brings out a laugh
ok i hope u liked reading about my frriends and all this stuff is totally true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!